Border Brigade Archery Club

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Hi! Welcome to the site for the Border Bridge Archery Club, located in the great state of Iowa. More specifically, most of our members are from in and around Webster City, although we do have a few members that join us from further afield.

Our club has two main goals

  • To promote the practice of ethical hunting – this means a variety of things, but in the main it means we always ensure that we use powerful enough bows to hunt, we only shoot when we’re sure we have a clean, killing shot, and we attempt to use every part of the animals that we kill. 
  • To encourage more people, particularly young people and youths, to participate in archery (with a focus on target shooting). Archery is a woefully under appreciated activity – in our opinion, it’s one of the healthiest hobbies a child can have. It promotes discipline, patience, and precision, and also has incredibly physical benefits.

While we’re not officially a non-profit, we’re basically just a club – there are membership fees and participation fees to cover all the basic costs of equipment, booking venues and all that good stuff, and anything left over goes into the club ‘treasury’. Nobody makes money off of the club – it exists purely for the camaraderie, educational value, and to promote and share the joy of archery.

We try our best to meet each and every month, but at times life gets in the way and not enough people are free.

If you’d like to participate in club activities, feel free to reach out via our contact page, or alternatively you can email Mark at this email info[AT] You can also direct any questions about fees, scheduling, or anything else to either the email or the contact page.

At some point in the near future, we hope to put up some basic archery resources for beginners and potential members who might be interested in taking up archery as a hobby. Please check back in with us in the near future!

May your arrows fly straight.

– Border Bridge Archery Club

  • Want to join an Archery Club or Get Coaching?

    Hi! If you want to participate in club activities or get coaching for archery, feel free to reach out to us at: info[AT]


    Club Updates: Our Next Club Event will take place April 25th, which is a Saturday. Already emailed the current members, any new members, please reach out via the email above ^^ to get details of the event. archer